Friday, June 8, 2018

The Lush VS Black Milk Challenge

Welcome to the Lush VS Black Milk Challenge!
Black Milk is a very popular Australian clothing manufacturer which designs clothing for people 'not afraid to stand out'.  I love a lot of what they create, but what I love even more is being able to create similar pieces for a fraction of the price!  This week, with the help of Lush Fabrics, Christina of Little Pickers fame and I took some Lush faux leather and put it to the Lush VS Black Milk Challenge.
Lush Fabrics stocks heaps of stretchy knit fabrics, but this faux leather has only slight stretch, so I treated it as a woven.  Black Milk sells this lovely fitted boatneck crop top, which I thought would be perfect to try.
It is not hard to find a sewing pattern for this look.  In fact, I have three sewing patterns I could have modified to make this top.  I ended up using New Look 6723.
The results:

Black Milk VS Lush

Black Milk VS Lush

Black Milk VS Lush

The thing I love about this style top is that it is very versatile.  Personally, I would never pair it with faux leather leggings like they've chosen with the Black Milk model, though you have to admit, it definitely stands out! I'm past the age where I'm comfortable with that, though, plus I still generally like the rule that if the top is fitted, have a bit more room in the bottoms.  And vice versa.  (Of course, rules are there to be broken, too, so don't hold me to this!).  
Here are a couple of ways I prefer to style the crop top:
1. for a fabulous and classy winter outfit, add a knit short sleeve top and a pencil skirt.  I didn't even need to take off my leggings!  

2. For a breezy summer look with an edge, pair it with high waisted shorts and some strappy heeled sandals.

3. I would LOVE to steal Christina's Lush VS Black Milk faux leather skater skirt creation to pair with this top for a cute and spicy skater dress.
4. How about pairing it with a pair of tartan cigarette pants?  Or a funky pair of palazzos?  So many options!!
The Black Milk version of this top retails for $60 (which is pretty reasonable!).  I was able to make this for approximately $20, and the added bonus is that it is actually fitted to my exact shape.  I think you will agree, Lush has come off very favourably in this challenge.
Make sure you check out Christina's Lush VS Black Milk Challenge, too, in our double blog!  
* My leggings are Jalie Clara leggings.
Oh, and I just realised!  20 years ago I made a very similar outfit for a band I was in, a black PVC crop top with black PVC pants! 
And my friend was styled eerily like the Black Milk model.   This challenge was obviously meant to be.  And obviously my fashion tastes have not moved on much...😂

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