Monday, June 4, 2018

Styling A Kimono

The second pattern that I tested from Jalie's new collection was the Melanie kimono (the first was the Clara leggings). Melanie is a beautifully drafted, knee-length kimono designed for woven fabrics, with 3/4 length sleeves, pockets, and a sash.  I was very keen to sew Jalie's kimono because the kimono is such a versatile clothing item, and as always with Jalie, I knew I would be happy with the design.
I made life more difficult for myself and chose to work with a specialty velvet and mesh fabric which meant I sewed with the aid of a lot of tissue paper. For my next Melanie, I have a lovely, SENSIBLE rayon fabric.
Here are some ideas for styling your kimono:
1. as an Evening Wrap
A kimono wrap is just a bit different as an evening jacket and looks oh-so-chic!  I paired the Melanie with my faux leather Clara leggings.

2. as a Casual Wrap for a boho vibe
It's amazing how a simple kimono can dress up an otherwise plain outfit of singlet and shorts, and some added fringing really gives it a bohemian flavour.
3.  as a Swimwear Cover
With my complexion, some kind of coverall is essential for sun protection. Happily, a kimono makes both a functional and fashionable coverall.
4. as a robe or dressing gown over lingerie (obviously this isn't meant to stay on for long 😉)
It's simple- Sash undone means you're open for business, sash closed means business hours are over.
So there you have it.  The kimono can more than justify its place in your wardrobe.  In face, like me, you may have plans for more than one.
Jalie Melanie is available from

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  1. hi - just found your blog, while looking for kimono ideas. I have the Jalie Melanie pattern and planned on making it in a floral rayon. Then I saw your pictures here with the black fringe. I love it! Thanks for the idea, that's what I want to do, too.

    Adding your blog to my blog reader.
    :-) Chris
    in California