Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Perfect Swimming Costume (for me)

Around a decade ago, I bought a swimming costume which I really, really loved.  It was a Seafolly swimming costume, and I had never spent so much money on a pair of swimmers before.  At the time, money was pretty tight in our household, and it was not the kind of purchase we would normally consider, but I really loved the style, so we decided I could have them.

Fast forward ten years.  Last week, I made my first actual swimming costume. ( I have sewed swimming costume patterns before, but always for stage use, not for actual swimming purposes).  I'd never made swimmers before because I had never found a pattern I liked as much as my Seafolly swimsuit.  But thanks to a couple of patterns from Stitch Upon A Time, I found what I've been searching for for years.

 SEAFOLLY Swimmers                                                                    SUAT Swimmers

Interestingly, neither pattern that I used for the top or the bottoms were specific swimming costume sewing patterns.  But I have pretty much recreated the style of my Seafolly swimmers- in fact, even better- and I truly love this homemade swimming costume!
The top is a hack of SUAT's Titania Top and Tunic. It is double-lined so I have the options of removeable cups if I want them.  The bottoms are SUAT's underwear pattern, Bunzies, maternity waistband option (just because it is pretty, not because I am pregnant) and the booty cut option.
I did not size up for either pattern.. Basically, I was too lazy to trace another pattern, so I stuck with my usual size for the Titania and the Bunzies and it worked out fine.
I can't even say how much I love these swimmers; they are a style I love, they are super comfortable, and they don't have any clasps or ties like the Seafolly one which can come undone in the surf, which makes them even better than my Seafolly ones.  Hurray!
The spandex is from Hey Penny Fabrics and was part of her pirate range; this fabric was called a preorder called Plunder in Navy.  Hence all my costuming.  :)

I loved Hey Penny's themes.  I made a rashguard a few months ago with her dragon fabric, too.
The cropped rashguard is George and Ginger's Daybreak Rashguard  It also comes in a more sun-sensible length.  I love it, and with this rashguard and my new SUAT swimmers, I don't think I will ever purchase beachwear again.  Yay!!!!